Detail shots are very popular with our clients, being able to show delicate surface or fabric details, product features, wood grain or any other selling points which maximise your desirability to your clients. We have the experience to show your venue in its best light and understand the benefit of stylish close-up shots, including furniture fittings, delicate bedding details and kitchen gadgets. If you are unsure of which details to focus on don’t worry, we can provide professional advice based on our experience. Detail shots, when combined with wider images of the whole room, provide the viewer with a full impression of a room, and generates that welcoming feeling. We realise that all of our clients need different things and we make sure we tailor the package to fit perfectly with your needs and expectations. Clients have commented on how our creative inspiration and attention to detail results in impactful imagery, so when you next need a new set of images to promote your property, call us for a chat about how we can help.

Please contact Studiomag for prices and availability. We offer photography for hotels, manor houses, bars, restaurants, kitchens, bathrooms, furniture companies, B&B’. We format it for brochures, websites and magazines or even huge prints if thats what you require. We use full frame and medium format cameras if necessary.