MAGDALENA – photographer and tutor

Ever since I can remember, I have been creative and observational. I studied fashion design alongside the history of art, coupled with business management and languages.

As a keen traveller, fuelled by my desire to learn and develop my craft as a Professional Photographer, I’ve gained valuable insight hosting an array of unrivalled experience in many cultures and countries.

My passion for photography, which once only looked upon as my hobby became my career, where I constantly crave the perfect picture.

MARK – photographer and tutor

I am an illustrator and photographer; I have been working with digital images since 1992 and before that, developed and retouched images by hand… with a real airbrush.
I first borrowed an SLR in 1981 and was hooked! 4 years of art college learning the essentials of photography and retouching for work as an illustrator, further reinforced my love of the craft.
Illustration involves dreaming up light sources and shadows; thinking about specular highlights and colour combinations and of course, composition. these lifelong skills have transferred to my work from macro and portraits, to large landscapes. I bring this experience and attention to detail to every image and my courses will reflect this.
I have 11 years of lecturing in art colleges and Universities around the country to ensure your course will not only be rewarding and fun, but also genuinely educational, focusing on transferable skills – applicable across all platforms and software. You can see his own portfolio here – spotlessmedia photography.