Yarnwise – knitting magazine

It has been very busy recently and I have done already 2 issues worth of fashion photography for ‘Yarnwise magazine’ – magazine from knitters for knitters, you can find it in WHS. Here is a taster :

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It was a gorgeous sunny day yesterday so I decided to wonder Newquay way and grab few shots of surfing dudes and some beach shots. Here are the few form the day:

Sarah-Jane & Chris
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Today, I had a chance to photograph promo shots for Sarah-Jane and Chris. It was raining and getting dark which is quite bad combination for photography. Here is only what I took outside of official shots and I love them. … Read More

Technical shoot – white background
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Not everyday I shoot fittings, pumps and other technical bits. It doesn’t move, it doesn’t laugh and its very tricky to photograph. I was required to shoot everything on the white background for a website. In the end I got … Read More