Lovely Sarah

Sarah contacted me what seems like ages ago now and we did shoot in Exeter. It was brilliant and had such a laugh! Since then we organized few more shoots down in Cornwall and became friends 🙂

  1. Sarah

    I was turning thirty and having an age crisis when i found Magda. I specifically wanted to shoot with a female photographer and their was something about her portfolio that seemed magical to me. We completed our first shoot in Exeter near where i lived at the time and have never looked back. With that big beautiful smile and beaming eyes, Magda instantaneously puts you at ease and erases any nervous emotions you may have. I have completed a number of shoots with Magda in both Devon and Cornwall and each and every time she manages to capture the most beautiful & mesmerizing images, all of which with laughter and smiles. Over the last year i have been completing some modeling work under the name of Sarah Darling, and have had the pleasure of working with a number of photographers from around the globe. I can honestly say, hand on my heart (& not because Magda and i are now good friends) that Magda is by far the best photographer i have ever had the pleasure of working with. She captures the most beautiful images in her photographs and has a talent that is so wonderful & precious. ; ) XXX

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