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Learn to use your DSLR
Meeting: to be agreed
Date: not available at this time (please email if interested)

10am – 4pm £120

What you will learn:

This workshop is for those with their own DSLR cameras. During the day, you will learn how apertures, shutter speeds and ISO’s work, as well as learning about composition and how to make the best use of natural light and flash. You will gain practical, hands-on experience. Weather dependent, the workshop will have theoretical part indoors and we will practice outdoors.

You will take away a camera-card full of images from your day and we will provide a crib-sheet to help you practice on your own. After this workshop you can sign up for our editing course.

Subjects covered in this workshop:


  • your camera and lens
  • Flash
  • Sunlight and cloud
  • on-board flash
  • External flash
  • Contre jour lighting
  • Reflectors and diffusers
Camera and flash settings
  • AV – aperture priority and f-stops
  • Shutter speed
  • Manual override
  • Flash TTL, HSS, Auto and Manual
  • Colour
  • Depth of field
  • Lines
  • Your position
  • Compositional ‘rules’ and tricks

Age groups

14 +
We are fully certified and children’s courses can be arranged on request.
What you will need:
Walking gear
Minimum equipment: A bridge camera
Ideal equipment: A DSLR (interchangeable lens camera) with a lens
What about the weather?
We are somewhat dependent on the weather, mainly becuse of the euipment.
Heavy rain may stop play, or force us to run the workshop inside.
If we are lucky with the sun, we may decide on the day to stay-on after 4pm and capitalise on this.
Your tutor
Magda is a professional photographer with a teaching qualification and Mark Dunk is a professional photographer and former Art College lecturer with over 25 years of Photoshop experience.
Mark has a passion for the outdoors and the technical stuff! Magda is passionate about portraits and fashion photography and especially natural light.
Our courses are fully insured and certified.